About Us

African Steel Synergy excels as the premier Cold Formed Steel Construction firm, specializing in commercial, residential, and multifamily projects. Our expertly managed and highly organized team guarantees the utmost satisfaction for both employees and clients, while ensuring a safe, reliable, and profitable construction experience.


African Steel is The Leading Cold Formed Steel Construction Company

For The Residential, Multifamily And Commercial Construction Industries.

Our company’s executives boast a wealth of experience in framing, general contracting, and lean manufacturing, which has collectively enabled our organization to evolve into the industry leader it is today. By implementing proven methodologies, we provide innovative solutions for various construction and framing challenges, incorporating light gauge steel manufacturing, cutting-edge 3D BIM technology, and advanced framing and panelizing techniques. As a result, our clients gain a competitive edge in the markets we serve.

Wall Panels

  • Load-bearing and non-load bearing
  • Multiple UL assemblies
  • Numerous profile sizes and gauges of steel
  • Factory installed windows (optional)
  • Applied waterproof liquid membranes in controlled environment (optional)
  • Multiple exterior sheathing options

Floor & Roof Trusses

  • Open web floor trusses with customized heights
  • Sheathed floor cassettes
  • Light gauge steel roof trusses
  • Sheathed roof panels

BIM & Engineering

  • Builder Image Modeling (BIM)
  • MEP coordination and customization
  • Laser scanning
  • Engineer of record in 48 states

Turnkey Framing

  • Turnkey framing services currently available in: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama

Our Process

As industry leaders, African Steel Synergy streamlines the process of launching new projects and transitioning existing traditional construction to light gauge steel. Our comprehensive turnkey approach covers every aspect of the project, ensuring exceptional results. To learn more, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

3d Bim, Engineering And Permitting
Panelization And Offsite Construction
Delivery, Installation And Project Management

Our Team




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