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African Steel Synergy is the leading cold formed steel construction company  for commercial, multifamily, and residential construction industries.
Wall Panels
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Floor Trusses And Cassettes
Roof Trusses And Panels
Turnkey Framing
Turnkey Framing

Wall Panels

African Steel Synergy wall panels are designed and engineered using the latest technology to provide you with a highly stable and durable framing option.

Why choose an African Steel Synergy wall frame manufactured from high quality steel?

  • Quality roll-forming technology that results in a better frame.
  • Integrated bracing within steel wall frames.
  • Swage (reduce width) studs into tracks to maintain a highly accurate profile and first-class finish.
  • Studs and tracks use a stronger, lipped c section profile.
  • Snap in grommets supplied for quick and safe installation of services.
  • Dedicated M6 framing screws, not cheaper 10 gauge multi-purpose screws or rivets.
  • Pre-punched dimple and screw holes which add strength and ensure a beautiful finish.
  • Pre-punched service holes, speeding up installation.
  • Increased fastener corrosion protection using Class 3 & 4 hardware.
  • We manufacture frames with steel thickness between 0.55 up to 1.2 mm thick. This affords a large range of designs whilst ensuring engineering compliance.
  • Maintenance free

Floor Trusses And Cassettes

African Steel Synergy floor joists use a strong webbed profile that is designed for increased vertical load capacity. The webbed configuration allows for services to pass through joists without the need to cut joists on the job.

  • Strong 65mm flange increases strength and minimizes floor deflection.
  • Lightweight system minimizes cranage costs and increases installation speed compared to a timber floor frame
  • We can create a fall on your joists to allow for water run off to balconies.
  • Any floor framing depth available to suit your design and engineering requirements
  • Maintenance free steel floor framing

Roof Trusses And Panels

African Steel Synergy trusses are manufactured using an in-line 65mm x 45mm engineer-designed profile. Precision manufacturing and the strength of steel means no more wavy roof and sagging ceiling lines. The numerous advantages of steel battens and fascias have long been recognised.  African Steel Synergy roof trusses not only integrate seamlessly with these products, but also create a benchmark solution for your house frame.

  • Modern in-line truss profile preferred by builders and tradesman.
  • Large flange depth allows for direct fascia bracket fitment
  • High strength to weight ratio allows for superior spanning capabilities.
  • Steel trusses are not affected by rain during construction.
  • Not affected by imperfections and weak points in materials
  • No adverse corrosion reactions between steel roof truss and ceiling battens.
  • Maintenance free alternative to a timber roof truss.

Turnkey Framing

This service simplifies the total process for our clients. Being a straightforward and transparent approach, this process eliminates delays, headaches, and cost overturns, which have now become very common in the field of construction. The African Steel Synergy team has framed many units and managed all kinds of projects including multifamily, hotels, retail, commercial, and residential.
Over company has developed the largest light-gauge steel team in the nation, which includes skilled project managers and farmers. With our workforce, experience, and know-how, we can easily take away all the stress regarding framing your project.