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Controlling the Process Means Controlling The Results

Markets We Serve…

Single Family And

The residential steel framing methods we offer lead to a stronger, cleaner, and more resilient build that create beautiful communities at a consistently low rate. Besides, we also offer all the benefits, which steel offers to the built-for-rent investors and homeowners.

Multifamily, Condos and Student Housing

Multi-family constructions possess their own challenges. But it is possible to minimize these obstacles with offsite steel construction. Scheduling snafus can be eased with precise manufacturing. Besides, assembly and delivery are optimized for the planning procedure.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities enjoy benefits from cost-effective steel construction, along with the longevity and durability aspects of the build. Combined with controllable and condensed construction timetables, it works as the recipe for success.

Hospitality and Commercial

You must prefer straighter, more durable, and stronger buildings constructed on time. So, the highly professional team of our company is well aware of the nuances of steel construction. And this creates measurable results with the best on-time build.

Storage Facilities and Garage Suites

Storage facilities have to be reliable, strong, and inexpensive. And selecting steel construction is the right solution for these projects. The quality implementation and uniform design are the cornerstones of this industry. This is why steel construction is wished.

When it really counts, African Steel Synergy is always there

Working with African Steel Synergy means access to an experienced, dedicated team.

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Project – Classic Hamptons


Project – The Den


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Project – Glasgow


Project – Fisher


Project – Emerson


Project – Ellington Classic


Being a conventional home builder, I had personal reservations about buildings with steel frames and trusses. But when I met the consultants of African Steel Synergy, I was amazed by the quality, price, professionalism, and result of the project. Besides, the response of the experts about the questions about installation and solutions offered for the minor issues found on site was amazing. Therefore, I consider their services are superior to other companies. And this is why I recommend their service.

Emma Lynch

We have used African Steel Synergy for several projects. And the best part of working with this company is that we always found them very accommodating and informative of the ideas and plans. So, we will highly recommend their service to others.

Joe Bennett