About Us

African Steel Synergy excels as the premier Cold Formed Steel Construction firm, specializing in commercial, residential, and multifamily projects. Our expertly managed and highly organized team guarantees the utmost satisfaction for both employees and clients, while ensuring a safe, reliable, and profitable construction experience.


African Steel is The Leading Cold Formed Steel Construction Company

For The Residential, Multifamily And Commercial Construction Industries.

Our company’s executives boast a wealth of experience in framing, general contracting, and lean manufacturing, which has collectively enabled our organization to evolve into the industry leader it is today. By implementing proven methodologies, we provide innovative solutions for various construction and framing challenges, incorporating light gauge steel manufacturing, cutting-edge 3D BIM technology, and advanced framing and panelizing techniques. As a result, our clients gain a competitive edge in the markets we serve.

Wall Panels

  • Versatile load-bearing and non-load-bearing solutions
  • Diverse UL assembly offerings
  • Wide range of steel profile sizes and gauges
  • Pre-installed factory windows
  • Precision-applied waterproof liquid membranes in a controlled setting
  • Assorted exterior sheathing alternatives
  • Customizable connection details for seamless integration
  • Enhanced thermal and acoustic performance options

Floor & Roof Trusses

  • Custom-engineered floor trusses
  • Pre-assembled roof trusses
  • Superior load capacity
  • Quick installation process
  • Versatile design flexibility
  • Lightweight yet robust materials
  • Enhanced thermal performance
  • Reduced on-site waste

BIM & Engineering

  • Cutting-edge Builder Image Modeling (BIM)
  • Comprehensive MEP integration
  • Tailored MEP solutions
  • Accurate 3D structural visualization
  • Seamless project oversight
  • Trustworthy cost prediction
  • Engineered cold formed steel excellence
  • Superior team collaboration
  • Expedited construction progress

Turnkey Framing

  • Expert design & engineering
  • Cutting-edge 3D BIM technology
  • Customized off-site fabrication
  • Efficient on-site installation
  • Quality assurance & safety
  • Sustainable construction practices

Our Process

As industry leaders, African Steel Synergy streamlines the process of launching new projects and transitioning existing traditional construction to light gauge steel. Our comprehensive turnkey approach covers every aspect of the project, ensuring exceptional results. To learn more, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

3D BIM, Engineering And Permitting
Panelization And Offsite Construction
Delivery, Installation And Project Management

Our Team



Our university’s curriculum emphasizes quality assurance, personalized learning paths, workplace safety, employee engagement, waste minimization, hand tool proficiency, cost reduction, and timely schedule achievement.


At African Steel Synergy, we firmly believe that well-trained employees are the key to our success as the top light gauge steel wall, floor, and roof pre-construction planning, manufacturing, and installation company in the commercial and residential building industry.

Every African Steel Synergy employee completes a comprehensive 60-day training certification program before being deployed to the field. Our training curriculum encompasses a diverse range of techniques, including the 7 Habits and High-Performance Teams, OSHA and Safety Conscious Work Environment, lean manufacturing and construction, panel and truss fabrication, sheathing and window installation, and more. Additional classroom instruction covers blueprint reading, shop drawing comprehension, and proper Personal Protective Equipment usage. Upon completing classroom training, employees form teams to assemble and disassemble 10 to 15 different structures, gaining hands-on experience. We take pride in our graduates’ dedication and commitment to success.

African Steel Synergy University’s curriculum is designed to cater to a diverse array of participants, promoting a team-centric approach to safety, planning, manufacturing, and installation. We emphasize safety through various human performance tools such as self-check, stopping when unsure, pre-job briefs, and fostering a “brother’s keeper” mentality. Our well-organized and efficiently managed work environment, combined with Lean Techniques, has resulted in a flawless OSHA record, reduced liability insurance costs, 100% schedule adherence, and minimized waste of time and materials, all while prioritizing team safety.

Effective management and open communication are integral to our training program and construction philosophy. Our Construction Managers receive training in conflict mediation, with a core focus on team building and communication. Team members are encouraged to collaborate with Management to resolve issues, gaining valuable experience and avoiding potential mistakes. African Steel Synergy University equips Management with the necessary tools to help all employees understand blueprints and plans, emphasizing proper planning and attention to detail.

All team members receive training in job site safety and the use of required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the training process and while on-site. Our on-site Management is accountable for understanding specific site requirements and ensuring clear communication and adherence to these requirements by the team.