Why Steel?

Roof Trusses And Panels

African Steel Synergy trusses are manufactured using an in-line 65mm x 45mm engineer-designed profile. Precision manufacturing and the strength of steel means no more wavy roof and sagging ceiling lines. The numerous advantages of steel battens and fascias have long been recognised.  African Steel Synergy roof trusses not only integrate seamlessly with these products, but also create a benchmark solution for your house frame.

  • Modern in-line truss profile preferred by builders and tradesman.
  • Large flange depth allows for direct fascia bracket fitment
  • High strength to weight ratio allows for superior spanning capabilities.
  • Steel trusses are not affected by rain during construction.
  • Not affected by imperfections and weak points in materials
  • No adverse corrosion reactions between steel roof truss and ceiling battens.
  • Maintenance free alternative to a timber roof truss.