Why Steel?

Wall Panels

African Steel Synergy wall panels are designed and engineered using the latest technology to provide you with a highly stable and durable framing option.

Why choose an African Steel Synergy wall frame manufactured from high quality steel?

  • Quality roll-forming technology that results in a better frame.
  • Integrated bracing within steel wall frames.
  • Swage (reduce width) studs into tracks to maintain a highly accurate profile and first-class finish.
  • Studs and tracks use a stronger, lipped c section profile.
  • Snap in grommets supplied for quick and safe installation of services.
  • Dedicated M6 framing screws, not cheaper 10 gauge multi-purpose screws or rivets.
  • Pre-punched dimple and screw holes which add strength and ensure a beautiful finish.
  • Pre-punched service holes, speeding up installation.
  • Increased fastener corrosion protection using Class 3 & 4 hardware.
  • We manufacture frames with steel thickness between 0.55 up to 1.2 mm thick. This affords a large range of designs whilst ensuring engineering compliance.
  • Maintenance free